Product name: Magnesium Sulfate
Chemical Formula: MgSO4
The beneficial effects of magnesium sulfate on pain relief have been investigated in various clinical studies.


Analysis of magnesium sulfate


Using this substance as a health promotion and its general use

As a health promotion substance

Mentioning Magnesium sulfate as an important substance in medicines, it has beneficial analgesic effects and can also be used as antiarrhythmic and anticonvulsant. Its function in the body is not much clear but it affects Na + / K + ATPase pump, sodium, potassium and calcium channels. It also reduces the release of acetylcholine at the nerve-muscle junction. The increased use if this substance in variety of products such as personal care and cosmetics, including hair products, skin fresheners and sunscreens has paved the way for new opportunities in international market.

General use of this Chemical

Magnesium sulfate crystalline form is widely used in magnesium sulfate market. Magnesium sulfate crystals are also called gypsum salt, green vitriol and alum. Magnesium sulfate crystals are used in various industries such as agriculture, chemical, textile and leather. Magnesium sulfate crystals are also odorless. They have a white appearance that is used to treat preeclampsia and eclampsia as anti-congestion, catarrh and electrolyte regeneration. Magnesium sulfate crystals can be composed of chlorides, potassium salts, sodium salts and lead salts. Thus, increasing use in the form of crystals has made the magnesium sulfate market one of the most prosperous industrial markets.


Usage of magnesium Ions in different industries.

  • It is used as a chemical fertilizer in soils that are deficient in magnesium
  • Injectable magnesium sulfate is used to prevent seizures in preeclampsia, preterm labor, and is rarely used to treat cardiac arrhythmias.
  • It is used by injection and orally in the treatment of hypomagnesemia
  • It is known as bronchodilator
  • Its oral solution is a common osmotic laxative
  • Used in the composition of smoky materials
  • Used in bathtubs and spas as a muscle relaxant and exfoliating scrub
  • Used in hair products, sunscreens and skin fresheners


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