Product name: Cupper(II) Sulfate
Chemical formula: CuSO4
Copper sulfate is a mineral salt, it is widely used in various industries such as agriculture, chemical production, pharmacy and research laboratories. This mineral salt contains divalent copper, also known as Blue Vitriol. Copper sulfate is usually available in dark blue.


Analysis of Copper Sulfate


Using copper sulfate in laboratory, agriculture, industry

The process of dissolving this salt in water is an exothermic reaction. As Citriol Salzburg, Citivol Rumi, aqueous copper, is a chemical compound of copper, sulfur and oxygen. It is famous as a crystalline non-mineral substance with an unpleasant odor, high toxicity and unsafe to work with.

General use of this chemical

Copper sulfate is a versatile, flexible and effective compound that is perfect for countless applications. It is widely used in agriculture as its main usage. For centuries, its only purpose was in industry as a moisture for dyeing and plating. Copper sulfate is an ionic compound; composed of copper, sulfur and oxygen. This molecule is widely used and is very practical. The fiber industry uses it to make synthetic fibers. In the metal industry, copper sulfate is used to refine copper. Copper sulfate occurs in nature as a pentahydrate.

Copper Sulfate in laboratory

Copper sulfate solution is used in plating metal objects. with this method, by the help of an electric current in the process of copper electrolysis, the cathode can be transferred to the anode. Cupric sulfate solution is also used in electrolyte fluid. Because the potential risks in this method are less than other existing methods. The production of this substance is generally obtained from the reaction of copper ore with sulfuric acid. In order to do this, the copper ore is immersed in dilute sulfuric acid. This process takes place inside a low pressure reactor. Inside this reactor, oxygen and heated water are distributed and copper is converted into the desired product. Also different types of copper such as wire, metal and etc. can be converted into the desired solution. At last, by evaporation and crystallization, the desired solution is converted to solid.

Copper Sulfate in industry

Nowadays, this material is being used in variety of industrial purposes. Actually, it’s so rare to see an industry that doesn’t use copper sulfate for its manufacturing process. Copper metal and sulfuric acid are the most common raw materials for the production of mineral compounds. The metal industry uses large amounts of copper sulfate as an electrolyte in copper processing. The industry uses copper sulfate color in anti-silver paints and is used as stained glass.

Copper Sulfate in agriculture

Copper sulfate in low amounts doesn’t pose a high risk to plants and animals, therefore it can be added to animal feed or plant fertilizers. All the living organisms need the copper element to survive so they can do the cellular metabolism. In case of copper deficiency, this substance should be added to food as a reinforcement. Copper sulfate is also used as a pesticide and antiseptic. It can also protect the plants health against many diseases. Nowadays, more than half of total production of copper has been consumed for different purposes. Generally, in agriculture, it is being used to produce insecticides, to prepare and produce antifungal solutions for crops and orchards, to increase the element copper in plants and to compensate the deficiency of this substance in soil.


Copper Sulfate usage in industry

In Biology

  • To prepare antifungal solutions
  • Production of insecticides
  • Involved in chlorophyll formation and photosynthesis
  • It also stimulates the formation of vitamin A
  • As an antifungal to control bacterial viruses and fungal diseases of products, fruits and vegetables. Diseases like plant rust, leaf spot stains, pests and apple skin disorders
  • Metabolic activity of Copper plays a key role in enzyme system. It also plays an important role in the biosynthesis and activity of ethylene as a fruit ripening hormone
  • It is used to eliminate copper deficiency in soil. Fertilizers containing it or water-soluble copper sulfate can be added to the soil or sprayed
  • By combining this material with ammonium carbonate, a solution can be made to prevent the buds and seedlings from drying out. It can also be used in gardening
  • In high concentrations, copper also poisons the plant. The fruits would seem cracked and black, and on the leaves there will be small brown necrotic spots.
  • Sulfut-5-Water is used as an anti-softener to repel and kill snails and mollusks.
  • It is used as anti-algae
  •  It is often used to prepare catalysts for multiple reactions in many industries
  • Used as an additive in adhesives
  • Anhydrous form of copper sulfate catalyzes many processes such as displacement in organic synthesis

In Industry

  • Used in gas purification to remove hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulfide.
  • It is very common in the preparation of dyes and catalysts for the synthesis of diazo and phthalocyanine dyes.
  • It is used to stop tree roots from excessive growth inside sewers.
  • Used in the textile industry as a color stabilizing agent
  • Preservation of wood and ground paste
  • Used in Engraving and lithography
  • For Making rayon
  • in the manufacture of artificial elastomer
  • in oil refining, steel making, plating
  • as a coloring agent for glass, adhesives and ceramics
  • Used as a coloring agent and disinfectant in swimming pools
  • It is used in many fields of chemistry to perform various reactions
  • It is used in electroplating as an electrolyte and also in sedimentary reactions
  • 500 ppm in Kakian drinking water is recommended to control aspergillosis, candidiasis and gangrenous dermatitis.

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