Lead stearate is white, toxic, soluble in alcohol and ether, and insoluble in water. It is used as a varnish and oil polish and in high pressure lubricants. Lead stearate is much different from nitrate.

Product name: Lead stearate
Chemical formula: C36H70O4Pb

Stabilizer, lubricant

Normal lead stearate is used as a very strong external stabilizer and lubricant in lead compound stabilizers. It is used as a heat stabilizer for PVC and has a strong lubricating property in extrusion. This compound is also called normal lead (NLS). The use of this substance has led many industries to use lead stearate for their products. Nader Shimi Company meets the needs of industries in relation to this product, by producing at a competitive quality level.

Lead stearate
Pb lead

What is a stabilizer?

Stabilizers are materials used to prevent environmental effects such as heat and UV light on the polymer. They are added to plastics to protect against heat (heat), UV rays and mechanical degradation of the polymer during processing and use. They act as antioxidants, thermal stabilizers, fire retardants and oxygen depletes.

Usage of this chemical from the nature of stabilizer and PVC

  • As a lacquer dryer
  • Polished oil
  • Lubricant
  • Stabilizing aid
  • As a PVC heat stabilizer

Lead stearate analysis table :



%Free fatty acid

Max 1




Max 1

Apparent Density

400 g/l

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