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Calcium stearate is a white powder widely used in the PVC industry. It’s also being utilized in various industries including food.

Product name: Calcium Stearate
Chemical formula: (C17H35COO)2Ca

What is Calcium Stearate?

It is actually the same stearic metal soap in which calcium ions are substituted for acidic hydrogen. The physical state of this compound produced by Nader Shimi Company is a white powder.

Applications of Calcium Stearic

This is a lubricating substance in industry. It’s being used in a comprehensive range of products including: water proof material, plastic additives in rubber, PVC, PVC compressed foams, Health, Cosmetics and food industry.


Its application in PVC and lubricant production

Its significant usage is obvious in the production PVC, lubricants, polymer compounds and stabilizers. It is also being used as lubricating agent in many polymers like polyolefin and polystyrene to increase the friction with resulting heat evolution and higher mass temperature, leading to a decreased viscosity of the plastic melt.

Application in construction and paper industry

It’s being utilized in construction as a waterproof agent for concrete materials. It’s also being used in paper industry to assure color uniformity and avoids potential cracking of the paper.

Application in the production of industrial compounds and polymers (plastics)

In master batches, compounds and polymers (plastics) calcium stearate (FSC3014) can act as an acid sequestrant or neutralizer at concentrations above 1000 ppm, and a lubricant or a release agent. Calcium stearate is also being utilized in colored plastic concentrates to improve pigment drying.

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Is calcium stearate toxic?

This not toxic substance has been proved by FDA as a part of authorized food additives.


Calcium stearate of good quality has a consistent composition. This white powder is insoluble in water, but it dissolves in aromatic compounds when heated.

Applications summary of this valuable material

  • Fluidity factor in powdery materials
  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Pencil and wax softener
  • In the concrete industry
  • Paper and cardboard making
  • As an effective emollient and a release agent in rubber and plastic industry
  • In colored plastic concentrates for pigment kneading
  • Helps to reduce extruder pressure
  • In the ingredient of some floor cleaners

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