Stabilizers are known as materials that will be added to plastics to protect against heat, UV rays and mechanical degradation of the polymer during processing and use.
They act as antioxidants, thermal stabilizers, fire retardants and oxygen deplete.

What kinds of stabilizer does Nader Shimi produce?

Due to the need of industries for various types of stabilizers, Nader Shimi Company produces a complete set of this widely used chemicals in a competitive quality.

Types of stabilizers produced by Nader Shimi

  • Tube Stabilizer
  • Connection stabilizer
  • Floor stabilizer
  • Wire and cable sheath stabilizer
  • Wall Stabilizer – Edge Bar
  • Soft-filler and matte granule stabilizer
  • Soft-transparent granule stabilizer

What are the properties of stabilizers?

To answer this question, we will use PVC with pipe stabilizer as an example. PVC due to the defects in its polymer chains structure, is thermally unstable and has a very low thermal resistance. In fact, during the extrusion and compounding process, injection of PVC is done by stress and heat, therefore the PVC degradation process begins with the release of activated chlorine atoms. Using thermal stabilizers slows down hydro chlorination and self-oxidation which results into preventing the degradation of PVC during its forming process.

Advantages of using Pipe Stabilizer

  • Increasing thermal resistance
  • Reduction of PVC decolonization during the process of final product
  • High optical resistance
  • Improving the quality of production parts
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Increasing the mechanical properties of the product
  • Improves fluidity in the process
  • Ignition inhibitor and smoke suppressant

According to the points mentioned above, purchasing a high quality material will increase the final product quality. Nader Shimi assures Quality.


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