Sodium Nitrate is a with the formula of NaNO3 is a mineral sodium nitrate salt that is being used as a fertilizer.

Product name: Sodium Nitrate
Chemical formula: NaNO3


استئارات سدیم
Sodium metal

Analyzing the Sodium Nitrate

White, solid and a special solution

Sodium Nitrate is a white, highly water-soluble solid which its mineral form is known as nitrate.
Due to its reasonable price, sodium nitrate is a convenient source of nitrate anion (NO3−) which is used in various reactions on an industrial scale to produce fertilizers, pyrotechnics, smoke bombs, glass, pottery and as a preservative that is used especially for Meat.
This compound is mostly a naturally occurring compound and are found in Peru and Chili. Nitrate salts can be found inside mineral deposits called caliche.

Burning non-combustible material!

Sodium Nitrate is noncombustible but accelerates the burning of combustible materials. If large quantities are involved in fire or the combustible material is finely divided an explosion may result. Additionally, may explode under prolonged exposure to heat or fire and produces toxic nitrogen oxides in fires that are dangerous to human health.


Different industrial applications

  • This compound is used to produce amplifiers, smoke bombs and many other items
  • It’s been used in meat products such as sausages to preserve meat to be spoiled by some bacteria. Sodium nitrate helps the plants to produce amino acids, and is used as a fertilizer for plants.
  • Used to make durable glass.
  • Sodium Nitrate reacts with sulfuric acid to produce industrial sodium nitrate. However, this reaction does not work well. It is usually used in industry to use extra amounts of sulfuric acid and the end product would be sulfate-free.
  • This compound is used to purify gold and other metals by forming a hybrid aqueous
  • Less common applications are industrial sodium nitrate as an oxidizer in fireworks. It is used as a substitute for potassium nitrate, which is commonly found in black powder.

Biological applications

  • Sodium Nitrate, along with potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate, is used to store heat and, more recently, to transfer heat to solar power plants. A mixture of these three compounds is also used as an energy storage material in power plants.
  • This substance is used in wastewater industry for the respiration of microorganisms. Nitrosomonas is a microorganism that prefers nitrate to oxygen. Sodium Nitrate accelerates the growth of this microorganism in wastewater which results to the water purification.
  • It is also sometimes being used in marine aquariums that utilize carbon dosing techniques. Its main application is to increase the Nitrate level in water which leads to rapid growth of bacteria colonies.

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