Product name: Calcium Nitrate

Chemical Formula: Ca(NO3)2
Calcium Nitrate Salt is a mineral material which is commonly used as a fertilizer. Calcium nitrate, also called Norwegian nitrate, is a compound with chemical formula of Ca2(NO3), which is available as pale gray granules.


Analyzing this Vital substance in agriculture


Chemical behavior of this substance in agriculture

It is highly hygroscopic and is commonly found as a tetra hydrate. Because of its hygroscopic feature, this substance is mainly used as an element in fertilizers but has other uses as well.
It is an oxidizing agent and is soluble in water and alcohol. Calcium nitrate is obtained commercially from the limestone with weak nitric acid.

Is this substance used in agriculture like zinc sulfate?

Calcium nitrate contains calcium and nitrogen, which are the nutrients plants need to survive. Calcium is vital for some seed-producing plants. It also helps the plant to have better fruit with longer shelf life. Calcium is also an important element in the formation of plant cell walls. Having the right amount of calcium in a plant helps to strengthen cell walls and protects plants from disease and stress. In addition, it should be mentioned that ammonium lowers the pH of plant substrates, but in high concentrations it can be toxic to the plant. Urea is not available to the plant and must first be converted to ammonium before absorption. Ammonium and urea are also highly volatile when used in dry materials.

Like ammonia, they are part of plant fertilizers

Calcium nitrate-based fertilizers such as ammonia or urea-containing fertilizers do not enter the atmosphere, in addition, calcium nitrate fertilizers do not acidify the soil. They do not contain heavy metals or chlorides and are not affected by temperature and they provide the nutrients needed by the plant in adverse conditions.
According to gardeners, nitrogen is an essential nutrient needed by plants. Nitrogen is an essential element in the production of amino acids and chlorophyll, and the supply of nitrogen promotes greenery and improves the market. Calcium nitrate can be used as a fertilizer for all plants, but in some cases it is crucial and even necessary.


Its usage in industry:

  • Used in fertilizers, wastewater treatment chemicals, concrete and explosives.
  • Production of molten salt and cold regenerative packages.
  • Calcium is an essential micronutrient for the growth of plant tissues and its adequate supply and absorption increases the shelf life of all agricultural products.
  • This material is a very common coagulant in latex production.
  • In addition, the dissolution of calcium nitrate tetra hydrate is very calorific (cooling), which is why calcium nitrate is sometimes used in the production of regenerative cold packages.
  • These molten salts can be used to replace thermo-oil in concentrated solar power plants for heat transfer, but most of them are used in heat storage.

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