Copper stearate powder, light blue. Ether, chloroform, benzene, turpentine, hot benzene, toluene, and carbon tetrachloride are all soluble in this powder. It is also water and alcohol insoluble.

Product Name:  Cupric Stearate

chemical formula:  C36H70CuO4

Protect valuable polymers!!

Copper stearate is an efficient inhibitor for altering polypropylene viscosity. It also protects polymers by acting as a radical scavenger and an ultraviolet light absorber.

Copper stearate is widely used in the manufacturing business

In water, metal soaps including zinc, calcium, copper, and magnesium are insoluble or only slightly soluble. They are commercially important chemicals and are employed in industry because of this feature. Grease components, plastic stabilizers, fungicides, catalysts, waterproofing agents, gasoline additives, cream components, and medicine additives are examples.

Copper stearate is mostly utilized in anti-corrosion fabrics, ropes, and preservatives for textiles and wood. Because it is insoluble in oils, it is often utilized in paints.

Some applications of this chemical

  • An effective inhibitor for changing the viscosity of polypropylene
  • To protect polymers, it acts as a radical scavenger as well as an ultraviolet light absorber
  • Dryer in paint or ink, grease components
  • Plastic stabilizers
  • In fungicides, catalysts, waterproofing agents
  • Fuel additives
  • Cream components
  • Additive in medicine
  • Used in anti-rot fabrics and ropes
  • Used in textile and wood preservatives
  • Used in paints

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