Product Name:  Lead(II) Nitrate

chemical formula: Pb(NO3)2

Lead (II) Pb (NO3) 2 is the chemical formula for nitrate, which is an inorganic salt of nitric acid and lead. It is a strong and stable oxidant in the form of a colorless crystal or white powder.


Investigation and analysis of lead nitrate


What is the chemical behavior of lead nitrate?

Unlike other lead (II) salts, lead nitrate dissolves in water. It is not flammable. However, it hastens the combustion of flammable materials. However, if this substance is exposed to fire or heat for an extended period of time, it may explode. The combustion of this chemical produces toxic nitrogen oxides. Because lead (II) nitrate is poisonous and probably carcinogenic, it must be handled and kept with extreme caution. Heating causes lead nitrate to degrade, which is useful in the chemical industry.

Laboratory applications of lead nitrate and research into its chemical characteristics

It is soluble in water and dilute nitric acid. Alkaline nitrates are formed when alkali is added to the solution. There is no evidence for the formation of Pb (OH) 2 hydroxide in aqueous solution below pH: 12. Lead nitrate solutions can be used to form coordination complexes. Lead (II) is a hard acceptor and forms stronger complexes with electron donor nitrogen and oxygen donor ligands. For example, a combination of lead nitrate and pentyethylene glycol (EO5) is produced in a solution of acetonitrile and methanol followed by a slow evaporation of the compound [Pb (NO3) 2 (EO5)].

Because the ligands are not symmetrically distributed around the metal ion, there is a physical gap in the coordinate field, which is one of the most fascinating properties of this sort of complex. This could be owing to the presence of a pair of lead electrons in lead complexes containing an imidazole ligand.

Applications of lead nitrate in industry

  • Analytical reagents, photo sensitizers, and oxidants can all be made with this chemical
  • Used in plating
  • It’s used to make lead salts and is also used in medicine, printing, dyeing, tanning, and the paper industry (as a yellow paper pigment), matches, dyes and pigments, pyrotechnics and explosives, and other industries.
  • It’s used to cover photothermographic papers and as a stabilizer in nylon and polyesters
  • In composition and decomposition, as well as chemical reactions in general, it is utilized as a highly strong oxidant.
  • Other lead salts can be made from lead nitrate
  • Paint and dyeing industries, as well as nylon and polyester industries, employ it as a stabilizer
  • Yellow pigments in lead nitrate are used in paper production to provide a very light yellow tint.
  • This substance is utilized as one of the reagents in diagnostic laboratories
  • In these sectors, this compound is utilized to make lead-coated sheets that accurately record heat and temperature
  • Lead nitrate is also used in the pharmaceutical and photography industries, as well as in the manufacture of matches and goldsmithing.

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