The chemical compound barium stearate is made up of barium and fatty acid salts. Barium stearate is a white crystalline solid that is insoluble in water and ethanol and is a barium salt of stearic acid.

Product Name: Barium Stearate

Chemical formula: C18H35BaO2

Properties and applications of barium stearate

Barium stearate is used as a lubricant in plastics and metal processing, as a plastic resistance agent to damage due to heat and light, as a stabilizer for PVC, in the composition of explosives, to produce grease and rubber.

Lubricant or stabilizer?

Barium stearate is a lubricant for film discoloration that is not widely used as a stabilizer. Other stabilizers, such as cadmium stearate and lead stearate, are commonly used in conjunction with it.

Fire powder!

It’s utilized as a lubricant and tire drying, as well as a smoothing ingredient in varnishes, coatings, and inks. To prevent cooking, barium stearate is used in dry salt fire extinguishers.

Is barium stearate toxic?

Swallowing this chemical is relatively harmful. It produces dense smoke and fumes when heated for breakdown.


Barium metal

From metal to rubber, barium stearate has a wide range of applications

  • As a lubricant in plastics and metal processing
  • An important lubricant for film coloring
  • Used in dry and salt fire extinguishers
  • A lubricant and dryer for tires
  • A smoothing and sanding agent on varnishes, coatings and inks
  • As a measure of plastic resistance to heat and light damage
  • As a stabilizer for PVC
  • Used to produce grease and rubber

Analysis table of this article

Max 0.7%Free fatty acid
Max 28%Ash
Max 3%Moisture
200 c˚Melting Point
200 g/lApparent Density


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Analysis table of this article

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