Aluminum stearate is a fine, thick, odorless, colorless powder with organic and mineral properties that forms a polymeric mass when heated. Many other metal stearates have these qualities, and they are the most important of them. Aluminum stearate, also known as aluminum tri-stearate, is a metal soap that melts easily in vegetable oils. Chloride, glycol, alkali, and BTX hydrocarbons are all soluble in it. When aluminum stearate concentrations are high, cooling results in gelling.

Product Name: Aluminum Stearate

Chemical formula:  C18H37AlO4

How should aluminum stearate be used?

It’s used to keep pigments suspended in oil from separating and to lessen the amount of oil needed to soak the pigment. The power of the paint covering is increased by generating a layer of gel with oil. It also cuts down on the amount of pigment needed.

This material is used to make gels in medical packaging and in the manufacture of cosmetic colours. Aluminum is normally harmless in commercial products, although it can build up in the body.

Zinc stearate or calcium stearate are used for gelling and thickening, water repellency, transparency, and synergistic effects. In comparison to other metal stearates, this one has a comparatively high solubility in hydrocarbon solvents. Water, alcohol, and ether do not dissolve it. When heated, however, it dissolves readily in benzene, acids, and common solvents.


Aluminum stearate
Aluminum metal


Stearate of aluminum Aluminum stearate in its most frequent form

The most prevalent type of aluminum stearate is aluminum stearate. Paints, inks, and oils use it as a thickening. This waterproof substance is used in the manufacture of leather and plastic lubricants. Because of its waterproofing properties, this chemical is used in cement manufacture. It’s also employed in the formulation of high-melting-temperature paper coatings. Aluminum mono stearate is utilized in the production of paints, inks, greases, and waxes due to its unique characteristics.

Anaerobic bacteria use hydrophobic aluminum stearate as a low-solubility denitrification substrate. Phosphate deposition has been tested on an aluminum source.

This substance could be used to disinfect oxidized effluent from home sewage systems in a container holding a stream. The emollient, combined with a heated combination of metal soaps, prevents the polymer’s quick blackening.


Aluminum stearate  نادرشیمی
Aluminum stearate نادرشیمی

Extensive applications of aluminum stearate

  • Domestic sewage system oxidized effluent disinfection
  • Delay the poly’s quick blackening.
  • Drug packaging gel formation
  • In the manufacture of cosmetic dyes
  • Paint, ink, and oil thickener
  • Waterproof characteristics for leather manufacturing and plastic lubricants
  • Because of its waterproof properties, it is used in cement manufacture.
  • An anaerobic bacteria denitrification substrate with a low solubility.
  • A phosphate deposition aluminum source was investigated.
  • Foam inhibitor, thickener, and softener aluminum stearate Paint, ceramics, glazing, and plastics industries all use it.
  • In polyamides and thermoplastics, it’s used as a lubricant. Waterproofing agent used in the water coloring business. The thickening agent is used in the manufacture of varnishes, varnishes, and petroleum products as an anti-caking agent.
  • qualities of lubrication
  • Separation characteristics
  • Water resistance
  • Ability to gelatinize
  • Stabilizing effects
  • Prevent foaming

Aluminum stearate analysis table

Max 1.0%Free fatty acid
Max 9.0%Ash
Max 3%Moisture
136-140c˚Melting Point
260 g/lApparent Density


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